If the Saddle Fits

When you picture yourself riding a horse, you imagine the smells of the barn and the animal, the beauty of that creature running across a field, the feel of the reins in your hands and a comfortable saddle between you and the horse. While you may be comfortable in that gorgeous saddle, your horse might not be.

Saddle fit is one of those topics that most horse owners know about, but don't actually appreciate the value of. You see, for you, a badly fitted saddle can pinch your legs, cause some soreness in your buttocks, or cause some leg cramps if the stirrups are too short or too long. For your horse though, a poorly fitted saddle can decrease their stride length, rub their hair and cause scarring, cause them to carry the weight of the rider on one side of their spine more than the other, among so many other issues that can occur.

That $1000 saddle with all of the bling and tooled leather may make you look like a rodeo queen, but what is it really doing for the health of your animal? In addition to that, that $1000 saddle that is causing some health and structural concerns is now costing you even more due to you having to pay the veterinarian and/or the chiropractor to constantly come out and "fix" the soreness in your horse's joints. Until you change that saddle, and buy one that properly fits the horse, these will only be temporary fixes to the problem.

For more information on saddle fit, or if you would like one of us to come out and evaluate your saddles, give us a call!

Lots of love,

Dr. Kelly and Dr. Kari

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