Sit. Lay down. Stay.

Dog training. It can be such an exhausting task. Whether you've just rescued your pup, or you got him at 8 weeks from a breeder, we all go through the training process. There are moments when that little angle looks up at you and does what you say, and then there are moments when they do the exact opposite - making you want to pull your hair out in exacerbation.

I'm here to tell you that if you stick with it, it will all be ok! One thing I've learned with my pup is the best way to train is with positive reinforcement. What do I mean by that? Well, every time your dog "sits" on command (or any other commands you give them), give them a treat. Dogs naturally want to please you - the owner - and you rewarding them drives them to listen to you and do what you ask of them.

Also, have a wide variety of treats available. I personally bought 5-7 different flavors of training treats, but them in half and mixed all of the flavors together. This way Brax (my pup) is interested in any and all treats I give him based on the smell, however he gets a nice surprise of flavor.

Between your patience and their interest in the treats you give them, your pup will be trained in no time! So don't worry, hang in there, it will all be ok soon!

Lots of love,

Kelly and Kari

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