The Greatest Show on Earth!

Or at least in Denver! For the next 16 days at the National Western Stock Show, we will be sharing the wonderful benefits of chiropractic to not only the lovely people of Denver, but also folks from all over this beautiful state and the rest of this country! How exciting is that?!

In the first day, I have talked to several dog and horse owners, but also several cattle, llama and alpaca owners who were all thrilled to hear there are not one, but TWO animal chiropractors in the Denver area and that we do barn calls all over the state!

In fact, last night I was asked to evaluate one of the show llamas who had a sore ankle. The owner was grateful to have another option to help her animal and was interested in learning more about what we do and if we can in fact help her llama to walk with ease again. When we get that llama scheduled and adjusted, I will update you on his progress!

If you're find yourself with a day, morning, or afternoon off sometime in the next couple of weeks - come on down to the stock show, there is something fun for everyone! Also, don't forget to stop by and say hi!

Lots of love,

Dr. Kelly and Dr. Kari

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