Traveling with Fur Babies

With Christmas coming up, it seems every little thing can be extra stressful. One thing that seems to get overlooked until the last minute is traveling with your pets. Then you're in a mad rush to pack them into the car and you forget to pack toys, a bone, or maybe even their food. Then your normally calm animal is now getting all anxious because they don't know where they're going, so they're crawling all over the car, chewing on seat belts, trying to climb into your lap, or scratching/pawing at the seats.

So how can this be avoided? How can you keep you fur baby settled down for the trip? Thankfully just a couple minutes of prepping can prevent most of this behavior.

Normally about 2 days before I go on a trip, I take Brax's (my pup) bones and stuff them with either peanut butter or pumpkin (I sometimes add little treats to all of this as well) and freeze them. I'll stuff his Kong toys with treats, and I'll hide treats in his rope toys. Then the morning of our trip, I fill up an old water bottle, grab a couple of Tupperware containers, and I'll throw all of his toys and bones (along with the water bottle, his food and containers) into a small cooler. In my truck I put all Brax's things just behind the center console so I can easily reach everything while I drive.

Brax sits in the front seat when we travel, so on the floorboard I'll put his bed, a halfway filled bowl of his food along with a bowl of water. Usually when we start out, he's pretty sleepy so he curls up and sleeps some more (we always head out early in the mornings), but when he wakes up he gets a bone to chew on. If he gets bored with that then I'll give him one of his toys. Usually those 2 things keep him pretty busy and he stays calm, however when I first got him we dealt with a lot of anxiety (he's a rescue pup who was abandoned), so I ordered some melatonin treats (I recommend and they mellowed him out enough to keep him from trying to crawl into my lap or panicking while I drive.

One last thing I will mention is that you should pack at least double of everything so that when you drive home you will have everything all ready to go and you can just throw it in your car and go.

These little tips will be sure to help your vacation go just a little more smoothly and maybe a little less stressful - something we can all get behind this Christmas season!

Lots of Love!

Kelly and Kari

(Treats I use for stuffing Brax's toys [I also use these treas for training rewards]: Authority - bacon flavor; Zukes Mini Naturals - rabbit recipe; BilJac - chickens and sweet potato; Merrick Power Bites - turducken recipe; Pet Botanics Mini Training Reward - bacon flavor; Nutro Mini Bites - roasted chicken; Simply Courish Poppers - pork, beef and blueberry recipe; Merrick Power Bites - rabbit and sweet potato; Purina One True Instinct Bites - chicken; Purina One True Instinct Bites - venison; America's Vet Dogs Training Treats - chicken)

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